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When choosing your outdoor kitchen layout you need to consider how big you need it to be and how often you will use it? The way we see it, if we design it just right, you will want to be out there enjoying it frequently not just once in a while.

Just like an indoor kitchen, a outdoor kitchen needs specific task areas for food and beverage storage, food preparation, cooking and plating, serving and perhaps an area to clean up.

You may want to include a split-level counter in the design to provide a bar and seating area for guests who want to talk to their chefs whilst they cook, baring in mind that all areas must relate well to each other regarding proximity and ease of movement from one area to the next.

The choices you make about the style and number of amenities you wish to have will determine the size of your outdoor kitchen. There are a lot of tempting features you can build in to enhance your kitchen, just think about what you would use most on a regular basis to ensure you can enjoy outdoor living to its full potential.

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