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Renson Aluminium Pergolas

A Renson aluminium pergola or patio cover lets you create an extra living space outdoors. Are you looking for a welcoming lounge to relax in with friends and family, a sheltered playroom for the kids or a cosy place to relax whatever the season? The pergola is adapted to your lifestyle so that you can enjoy blissful relaxation, year after year.

All Renson pergolas and patio covers are based on an aluminium frame, whether they are freestanding or attached to the facade. The countless options mean that you can fully tailor your pergola to your needs. The options include automatic solar shading, LED lighting to create more atmosphere and even audio and heating elements. The choice is yours!

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Renson Camargue

Stylish louvered pergola

The Renson Camargue is for anyone who loves an attractive, sleek finish. All the options and side elements are seamlessly integrated. How about using elegant sliding panels as a wall, or cosy lighting for late nights? The Renson Camargue shelters you from inclement weather and wind so that you can enjoy the entire day like a king.

The roof of this pergola consists of multi-functional aluminium louvers. Do you want to keep the sun at bay, allow a cool breeze to enter or be one step ahead of the rain? The Somfy remote control lets you easily close or tilt the louvers on the pergola. Once the rain has passed, you can quickly and easily open the roof again while the water will drain away in a controlled manner.

Renson Experts have already put together some designs in a specific look-and-feel, already configured for your convenience.

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Camargue Skye

Pergola with retractable roof

The Camargue Skye pergola with fully retractable roof gives you an open feeling, while keeping you secluded. You can rotate the aluminium louvers on the roof of the pergola according to your preferences. You can even slide them open fully thanks to the S-drive technology.

This pergola with a retractable roof is ideal for allowing the maximum amount of sunlight to enter during the winter. It’s also perfect for admiring starry skies in the summer. When you need to keep rain, snow and wind at bay, the double-walled louvers do this with ease. The louvers on the pergola can be tilted. This allows you to adjust them for the ideal amount of incoming light. On hot days, the louvers allow warm air to escape easily.

Not only is this pergola extremely functional, it also has a very sleek look. All wires, anchors and drainage channels are hidden away. This pergola with a retractable roof can be either freestanding or attached to the facade. You can personalise it in an enormous number of ways. For instance, you can choose windproof screens, a Loggia system or glass sliding panels as a side element. Alternatively, you can create a pleasant and cosy atmosphere with LED lighting and a music or heating system.

Our Experts have already put together some designs in a specific look-and-feel, already configured for your convenience.



Louvered pergola

The Renson Algarve is an exceptionally versatile pergola. It can be attached to the facade or freestanding. You can even connect various pergolas to each other. Do you live in a contemporary, classic or modern style home? The Renson Algarve comes in many colour combinations and the unique Classic Line has decorative frames and extra ornamentation which means the pergola always blends in with the style of your home and garden.

You can rotate the Renson Algarve louvered pergola by up to 150°. In this way, you can constantly adjust the solar shading and ventilation to suit your needs at any moment of the day. The louvered pergola is fully waterproof when closed. Once the rain has passed, the water will have drained away in a controlled manner via the integrated drainage channels.

There are numerous side elements and options to choose from which will turn your pergola cover into a cosy cocoon. You can choose attractive outdoor curtains or opt for a Fix screen sun and wind resistant screen with a Crystal window to maximise the view of your garden. Incorporate a music or heating system and your Renson Algarve will become your favourite place to relax!

Algarve Canvas

Pergola with a fixed roof

The Renson Algarve Canvas is a stylish pergola with a fixed roof and consists of 2 ingenious layers for extra robustness. The top layer has an enamelled steel plate with an anti-condensation layer. Beneath this is an aesthetic canvas screen that stretches across the canopy. This elegant canvas screen has a soft appearance and comes in 8 different hues which match your home. You can also connect various Algarve pergolas for a spacious covered area.

You will always feel sheltered beneath this pergola with a fixed roof. However, you can also opt for side elements to make your cocoon even more secluded. You can choose stylish sliding panels, a fixed horizontal aluminium louvered wall or even a glass sliding wall so as not to lose the view of your garden. Make it complete with Fix screen solar shading to escape from the sun’s rays or choose LED lighting so you can enjoy this pergola with a fixed roof at night too.

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