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Bushman Wood Fired Ovens

Bushman wood fired ovens are manufactured by Jay Emery, the founder and Owner of Bushman Wood Burning Ovens.

With the ever changing British climate the ambient temperatures are very hard to predict.

Bushman ovens use a range of refractory materials alongside reinforcing & layering to create an oven that is truly reliable in any weather condition meaning it can cook consistently and perfectly.

The Bushman can do everything you want, it heats up very quickly and maintains an even temperature and cools down very slowly and it will continue to do that year after year.

Why buy a Bushman?

With a Bushman Oven you get a guaranteed piece of mind.

Favoured by Michelin Star restaurants and award winning food chains Bushman are the market leader.

Years of experience means they know how to do things right and they can help you choose the perfect oven for your garden.

There are cheaper alternatives out there available but trust us they do not work as well and you will not receive the same level of advice or care both before and after the installation.

A quality made well situated wood fired oven is versatile, sociable, a great focal and a huge talking point when entertaining guests.

Bushman Garden Ovens

Nothing beats cooking and eating outdoors and nothing beats having a wood fired oven in your garden.

Bushman wood fired ovens are the best you can buy.

They look great with their unique handmade design and will cook delicious food effortlessly all year round.

There is a lot to consider when buying a wood fired oven for your garden and you need to get the right one that is suitable for you.

You will want an oven which is low maintenance, gets hot quickly and needs to work well in all weathers and withstand the elements.

Bushman does all of this and more.

*Please note if you want to build a wood fired oven into a house or enclosed building then you will require one of our commercial ovens as the domestic ovens are only suitable for outdoor installations.

If you would like more information please email us for a quick guide to wood fired ovens. This will provide you with all the information you need and will prevent you from making the mistakes many people do when buying a cheaper alternative.

Small Garden Oven

The perfect size for most families

Our small oven has an internal diameter of 60 cm. We call it small but it is mighty. It can easily feed up to 12 people on one firing.

It’s perfect for family and friends and it comes in an un-insulated
and insulated version.

Medium Garden Oven

This oven is great for small gardens that are looking for an oven that can be dedicated to cooking specific dishes either outdoors or in a beer garden.

Depending on the style of oven we use up to 8 layers of reinforcing making them
undoubtedly the most robust ovens on the market.

The ultimate pizza oven/wood burning oven for the English climate. Easy to use, fast to set up and cooks fantastic food.

Large Garden Oven

If you are looking for the true wow! factor, the “Come and check out my oven” statement piece, then this is the oven to go for.

With an internal diameter of 115cm it has the capacity to match its looks.

Two suckling pigs? No problem. 120 pizzas an hour? Easy. Four large roasting tins at a time? You got it.

If you are interested in investing in a Bushman Wood Fired Oven then please contact us for more information so we can help choose the right oven for you.

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